How to call Trinidad And Tobago from Kuwait

The process for calling Trinidad And Tobago from Kuwait is relatively simple. To make a call, you will need to dial Kuwait’s country code of 965, followed by the Trinidad And Tobago country code of 1, and then the phone number. You can also find a complete list of Trinidad And Tobago’s international dialing codes on the official website of the Trinidad And Tobago government.

Esstential Info for Calling Trinidad And Tobago from Kuwait


Exit Code: The exit code is the code needed to dial out of the country. For Trinidad And Tobago, the exit code is 1.

Country Code: The country code is the code needed to dial into the country. For Trinidad And Tobago, the country code is 1.

Area Code: The area code is the code needed to dial into a specific area in the country. For Trinidad And Tobago, the area code is 868.

Local Time: The local time is the time in the country. For Trinidad And Tobago, the local time is 6:00 PM.

Area Codes Code by Location

Trinidad and Tobago

Area codes:

Trinidad and Tobago:
+1 868

Calling Trinidad And Tobago from Kuwait using Landline

The phone number format for Trinidad and Tobago is +1 868 xxx-xxxx.

When dialing from Kuwait, dial 001 868 xxx-xxxx.

There is no charge for calls to landlines in Trinidad and Tobago. However, there may be a charge for calls to mobile phones. Check with your service provider for more information.

Calling Trinidad And Tobago from Kuwait using Mobile

1. Check phone compatibility: Make sure your phone is compatible with the local mobile network. If it is not, you may need to purchase a new phone or rent one from the local service provider.

2. Get a local SIM card: Buy a local SIM card and insert it into your phone. This will give you a local phone number and allow you to access the local mobile network.

3. Check the roaming charges: Before you leave, check with your mobile service provider to see what the roaming charges will be. Make sure you are aware of the costs and have budgeted for them.

4. Use Wi-Fi: When possible, use Wi-Fi instead of your mobile data connection. This will help you to avoid high roaming charges.

5. Turn off data roaming: When you are not using the internet, turn off data roaming to avoid incurring charges.

6. Monitor your usage: Keep track of your data usage to ensure you do not exceed your monthly limit.


Kuwait is a country in Western Asia. The country shares borders with Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. The country is divided into six governorates: Hawalli, Al Asimah, Mubarak Al Kabeer, Jahra, Ahmadi, and Farwaniyah. Kuwait City is the capital and largest city in Kuwait.

Trinidad and Tobago is an island country located in the Caribbean. The country is made up of two islands, Trinidad and Tobago. Port-of-Spain is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago.

The two countries are located in different parts of the world. Kuwait is in Western Asia and Trinidad and Tobago is in the Caribbean. The two countries are also different in size. Trinidad and Tobago is made up of two islands and Kuwait is made up of six governorates.

Despite the differences in location and size, the two countries share some similarities. Both countries are Muslim-majority countries and have a democratic government. The two countries also have a strong relationship. In fact, in 2016, the two countries signed a visa-free agreement.

If you are looking to call Trinidad and Tobago from Kuwait, you can use the following country code: 1-868.


What is the process for obtaining a visa for Trinidad and Tobago from Kuwait?

The first step in obtaining a visa for Trinidad and Tobago from Kuwait is to determine if you are eligible for a visa. Eligible visa applicants must have a valid passport, a completed visa application form, and a letter of invitation from a business or individual in Trinidad and Tobago. Applicants must also provide a recent passport-style photograph, proof of travel arrangements, and proof of sufficient funds to cover the cost of their stay in Trinidad and Tobago.

The second step is to submit your visa application to the nearest Trinidad and Tobago embassy or consulate. Embassy and consulate staff will review your application and may ask for additional documentation. If your application is approved, the embassy or consulate will issue your visa.

What are the requirements for a valid passport for travel to Trinidad and Tobago from Kuwait?

Kuwaiti citizens require a valid passport and a visa to travel to Trinidad and Tobago.

What is the currency of Trinidad and Tobago?

The currency of Trinidad and Tobago is the Trinidad and Tobago dollar.

What are the major airports in Trinidad and Tobago?

The major airports in Trinidad and Tobago are Piarco International Airport and Crown Point International Airport.

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