How to call Dominica from Turkmenistan

Dominica is an island country located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. It is the youngest and most sparsely populated country in the region. The official language is English, but there are also a number of dialects spoken on the island. The currency is the East Caribbean dollar (XCD).

To call Dominica from Turkmenistan, you need to dial the following international exit code for Turkmenistan, followed by the country code for Dominica (1), and then the phone number.

Exit code for Turkmenistan: 00
Country code for Dominica: 1
Phone number:

Esstential Info for Calling Dominica from Turkmenistan


Exit Code: Turkmenistan’s exit code is 00, and Dominica’s exit code is 1.

Country Code: Turkmenistan’s country code is 993, and Dominica’s country code is 1.

Area Code: Turkmenistan’s area code is, and Dominica’s area code is 767.

Local Time: Turkmenistan’s local time is UTC+5, and Dominica’s local time is UTC-4.

Area Codes Code by Location

Dominica, 231
Turkmenistan, 993

Calling Dominica from Turkmenistan using Landline

Dominica, I’m sorry, I can’t understand you. Can you please speak slower?

Calling Dominica from Turkmenistan using Mobile

When you are in Turkmenistan, you can use your mobile phone to call Dominican Republic. The country code for Dominican Republic is 1, and the area code is 809. To call a number in Dominican Republic, you would dial 001-809-xxx-xxxx.


Dominica can be reached from Turkmenistan by calling the country’s international code, +1, followed by the Dominica country code, 767, and the phone number.


What is the climate like in Dominica?

The climate is tropical, with a hot and humid rainy season from June to November.

Dominica is a beautiful island located in the Caribbean SeaThe climate is tropical, with average temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees FahrenheitThe island experiences a fair amount of rainfall, with average levels of over 200 inches per year.

What is the currency in Dominica?

The currency in Dominica is the East Caribbean dollarOne East Caribbean dollar is equivalent to about US $0.37.

What is the population of Dominica?

The population of Dominica is around 73,000 people.

What is the official language of Dominica?

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