How to call Dominica from Gambia

Dominica is an island country located in the eastern Caribbean Sea. It is about the size of Washington, D.C. and has a population of about 73,000 people. The official language is English, but French and Creole are also spoken. The currency is the East Caribbean dollar. Dominica is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

The country code for Dominica is +1 767. To call Dominica from Gambia, dial +1 767 followed by the ten-digit telephone number.

Esstential Info for Calling Dominica from Gambia

Exit code – The exit code is the code you dial to exit your country and reach the country you are calling. For Gambia, this is 00. For Dominica, this is 1.

Country code – The country code is the code for the country you are calling. For Gambia, this is 1. For Dominica, this is 1.

Area code – The area code is the code for the area you are calling. For Gambia, this is 1. For Dominica, this is 1.

Local time – The local time is the time in the country you are calling. For Gambia, this is 6:00 P.M. For Dominica, this is 6:00 P.M.

Area Codes Code by Location



Calling Dominica from Gambia using Landline

To place a call to Dominica from Gambia, you will need to dial the country code for Dominica (1) followed by the area code for the city or region you are calling (767). Finally, dial the phone number you are attempting to reach.

Calling Dominica from Gambia using Mobile

There are a few things to keep in mind when making calls while roaming in Gambia.

-First, check with your mobile carrier to make sure your phone is roaming capable and that your plan includes roaming fees.
-Next, be aware of the cost of making calls while roaming. Rates can be expensive, so it’s important to plan ahead.
-Finally, make sure you have the correct phone number and dialing format. Gambian phone numbers are typically 8 digits long, and you should dial all digits, including the ‘0’ prefix.


Dominica and Gambia are two different countries located in two different parts of the world. The two countries are not connected by land and the only way to travel between them is by air. If you are in Gambia and want to call someone in Dominica, you will need to use a phone carrier that offers international calling plans. You will also need to know the phone number of the person you are trying to call. To make a call from Gambia to Dominica, dial the international access code for Gambia, which is 00, followed by the country code for Dominica, which is 1. Next, dial the phone number of the person you are trying to call.


What is the culture like in Dominica?

The culture in Dominica is quite diverse. There are many different cultures represented on the island, including African, European, and Caribbean cultures. The people of Dominica are known for being friendly and welcoming, and the island is known for its natural beauty.

The culture in Dominica is unique and diverseThe island is home to a variety of cultures, including African, European, and Indian culturesThe people of Dominica are warm and welcoming, and the culture is based on family and community values.

What is the climate like in Dominica?

The climate in Dominica is tropical and humidThe average temperature is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and the island experiences a great deal of rainfall.

What is the cost of living in Dominica?

The cost of living in Dominica is relatively lowExpenses such as food, transportation, and housing are affordable.

What is the healthcare like in Dominica?

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