5 Red Flags of Fake Love

Red Flags of Fake Love : When you start going out with someone, it’s usually all fireworks and rainbows — it’s everything you’ve always dreamed of and then some. But one day, you may start having doubts about the relationship, and it’s often for a reason. Are you sure your love is true? What about your partner’s feelings? Are they faking it?

Let’s try and figure out the red flags of fake love.

1. No More Sparks

No More Sparks

Even if two people may be attracted to one another, romance is not always in the air. In any case, how can one be certain that the “spark” exists? There’s a spark if you get a strong, unsettling feeling that normally flares up when your spouse isn’t there and then instantly subsides when you are. And it’s likely not pure love you’re experiencing if your relationship doesn’t have this feeling.

2. No More Compliments

No More Compliments

To feel valued, loved, and respected, our soul mates must compliment us. Self-esteem and mood can be immediately elevated by compliments, particularly when they are given from the heart. So maybe you should examine your relationship more closely if your lover suddenly stopped complimenting you.

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3. Being Ignored

Being ignored

Even in relationships, everyone needs time alone from time to time. But this should be your warning when your partner starts to infringe on your personal space. Since you are now a part of their life, your partner ought to make time for you, no matter how busy they are. What true love is, is that.

4. No Future Together

No Future Together

Speaking of the future, if your love is genuine, you most likely find it impossible to picture each other out of your life. Furthermore, it’s common for couples to talk about their aspirations and future ambitions. You must be aware of your current situation. In five or 10 years, does your partner still want to be in your life? How about children? A suburban home perhaps? If they dismiss it, then this is just further evidence that your love is phony.

5. Unreasonable Jealousy

Unreasonable jealousy

It’s possible that the most prevalent and obvious indicators of fake love are trust concerns. If your partner is often suspecting you of hiding things from them or even becomes envious at the tiniest hint of attention from others, what does it say about you? This pervasive insecurity is a sign of serious trust problems. It’s never a good sign when this habit develops into something genuinely strange, like keeping track of your calls and messages.

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