5 Hottest Women Football Players in the World

Ana Maria Markovic, Alisha Lehmann, Alex Morgan, and more! The world’s sexiest female football players are the subject of this article.

A football player may not need to have a beautiful body or a beautiful face. Even still, it is without a question among the most gorgeous, particularly when discussing female football players.

Which female football players are the most attractive? Come along as we address this question in this essay.

Hottest Women Football Players in the World

1. Alex Greenwood : She has an absolute beauty. Alex Greenwood is an English footballer who has been playing for Manchester City since 2020. Her beautiful eyes are mesmerizing. She is one of the top 5 hot women football players in WSL.

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2. Josie Green : Josie Green is a 30-year-old Welsh player who plays as a defensive midfielder. Contrary to her style, her eyes will attack you.

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3. Casey Murphy : Casey Murphy is one of the hottest female soccer players in the world. She is so sexy. The 27-year-old goalkeeper plays for North Carolina.

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4. Stina Blackstenius : Stina is 27 years old. She has been coming to England for one year and is now playing for Arsenal.

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5. Ellie Carpenter : Ellie has been playing in Lyon since 2020. She is also a key player in the Australia national team. Ellie is one of the hottest women footballers in the world.

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