4 Biggest Celebrity Cheating Scandals

While some argue that infidelity is a sexual sin and that it is a natural need, it seems like there are no real repercussions for their behavior when you see all those hot Hollywood couples getting away with it. The two things that truly terminate a person’s career are the media’s response and the fans’ indignation, unless you take those into consideration.

These are the most significant celebrity infidelity scandals from the previous 20 years.

1. Ashton Kutcher Was On A Break?

In 2011, Ashton Kutcher was seen knocking boots with a local blonde he found at the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel. Sara Leal was her name, and apparently, she could not say no to having fun in a fancy hotel suite. Even though Kutcher was supposed to be with Demi at that time, celebrating their sixth anniversary, he later claimed they were separate. Next year, the couple filed for divorce, and Kutcher found his true love – Mila Kunis.

Ashton Kutcher Was On A Break

2. Jesse James Was Unfaithful To Sandra Bullock

The fans were shocked to learn in 2010 that Sandra Bullock and Jesse James’ holy marriage was ending! The worst thing is that Jesse cheated on her with numerous other women both before and after her, including a sleazy, tattooed stripper. The motorcycle tycoon finally dismissed it with the adage, “Millions of men cheat on their spouses, so what?” despite his assertions that he accepted responsibility for having a side woman. He’s not incorrect, but wow.

Jesse James Was Unfaithful To Sandra Bullock

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger And His Housekeeper

It is not a secret that Arnie is very loveable and has five kids, but one of them is not from his very faithful and non-cheating wife, Maria Shriver. In a 2012 interview, it was revealed that the Governator conceived a son with his housekeeper… in 1997 while still married to Maria! That’s a very dangerous game, Mr. Universe.

Arnold Schwarzenegger And His Housekeeper

4. David Boreanaz Cheated On Jaime Bergman10, your favorite vampire investigator, David Boreanaz, was also discovered having extramarital affairs. If Rachel Uchitel’s name seems familiar, it’s because she was the most well-known partner of Tiger Woods. David later acknowledged that, in the long run, this event had strengthened his marriage. Never stop loving the people you care about.

David Boreanaz Cheated On Jaime Bergman

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